The RMP Code of Conduct

Regardless of whether I am a Mentor or a Mentee, I promise that I will always...

  1. Conduct myself with the utmost professionalism.

  2. Attend Mentor/Mentee sessions as arranged, unless communicated otherwise.

  3. Keep all Mentor/Mentee conversations confidential (unless agreed otherwise by both parties).

  4. Adhere to the minimum requirement of agreed meetings (6 per year, bimonthly, for 1 hour).

  5. Do my utmost to productively contribute to the Mentor/Mentee relationship.

  6. Agree to provide feedback to RMP on a quarterly basis.

  7. Whilst RMP is based on a Not-For-Profit model, in the event that a Mentor seeks to hire a Mentee during or after the mentoring relationship ends (up to 12 months), the Mentor will acknowledge and respect standard recruitment Terms of Business, which should be requested by the Mentor before a job offer is extended to the Mentee. 

  8.  Accept that whilst a Mentor/Mentee relationship is created with only the best of intentions, RMP cannot be held responsible for any disagreeable or unwelcome opinions, advice or actions that a Mentor or Mentee will display or present.